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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Valentine's Day is fast approaching. No matter whether you celebrate
this day or not, it is a day of red roses, chocolates, and hearts.
Basically a day for love. Why only have one day for love but why not
let love be your aim around the clock?

Valentine's Day puts undue pressure on young men who are not attached
because if they ask a girl out on that particular day she may get the
wrong message. Basically as my younger son used to call it years ago,
"Singles Awareness Day". Sort of catchy isn't it?

True love involves more than just being romantic. For a married couple
it is about commitment, trust, putting the other person first, and
learning to say you are sorry and ask forgiveness. The person who has
been hurt needs to show their love by not keeping a record of wrongs
as it says in 1 Corinthians 13:5, found in the infamous "love chapter"
in the Bible.

Forgiveness is a major part of loving someone. Learning to let go of
an irritation and forgive whether they asked or not. Unforgiveness
does nothing but drive people further apart and makes anger fester.
Not forgiving is our human side and it is what the devil wants. Now if
on the other hand someone is reading this who is being physically
harmed by a spouse or a date then you need to seek protection as the
individual may need help. Hopefully no one reading this fits that
category but if so get help not hurt.

Being unable to forgive breaks families apart, ends relationships of
friends, can have two adult siblings unable to communicate, and many
other things. Does not sound like a character trait for a believer to
possess now does it? It is so easy to be angry and want our way. That
is self just getting in the way.

Love is a great thing particularly when it is unselfish. That is what
it is about. Are you able to turn the other cheek, get on with life,
and show forgiveness? Are you able to pray for the person who hurt you
or maybe in worse case scenario, killed a family member? Wow that last
one is a biggie. Matthew 5:44(KJV) says 'But I say to you, love your
enemies and pray for those, who persecute you.'

Ephesians 4:32(NIV) says 'Be kind and compassionate to one another
forgiving one another just as Christ God forgave you.' I challenge
you today to make a list of anyone you are harboring something against
and pray and give that over to the Lord. If necessary pray for
restoration of a relationship when appropriate.

Is there a person in your life you need to forgive? Well then,go and just do it!

PRAYER: Lord Jesus it is through you that we are able to show grace,
mercy, and forgiveness to someone who may not deserve it. It is part
of what love is all about. Let me reach out to people with God's love
around the clock and not harbor things in my heart. In Jesus' name.

Click on link below and worship the Lord:
Forgiveness by Matthew West

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