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Thursday, January 10, 2013


A few days ago as I entered a restaurant in Tulsa with my sister and
observed the Tulsa World newspaper rack, it made me think about how
things in our world, technology speaking, are drastically changing. In
a few years newspaper racks may be obsolete and sold on Craig's List.
Those born in the future may find it odd that we had party lines,
phones with cords, black and white television, paper books to read, a
typewriter, no way to record television shows, and perhaps even cars
with keys to start them. Not only is technology changing, but sad to
say, that morals have dramatically plummeted straight into the
proverbial cesspool as well. This is NOT a good thing.

Did we ever think we would have to see the day when we would have to
fight for marriage between one man and one woman? What about the fact
that we can not even have a conscious and object to something because
our Biblical standards say it is wrong? Change is NOT always a good
thing! When our own government wants to control us and take away our
God given rights and freedoms, then it is time for people to speak up.
God has not abandoned us. He still sits on the throne but He does want
us to love but He does not want us to be trampled on.

There are some that are too busy to realize what is happening and that
is just what a government "not for the people" wants. Little by little
they scheme and connive and pass laws behind our backs to take more of
our freedoms away. Democracy slowly slips into tyranny and Communism.

Change is not good when it removes our rights and our ability to
worship God as we choose. A government that allows the murder of
unborn babies in the name of "choice" is definitely not a good thing.
The buzz word is "tolerate". My Bible tells me to love but it does not
tell me to not speak up against evil and roll over and play dead.

I have been told to not write about politics. It is time for "party
loyalty" to be put aside and look at things through the eyes of Jesus.
It is the truth that will set us free it says in John 8:32. Galatians
5:1(NIV) says 'It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand
firm then and do not allow yourselves to be burdened again by a yoke
of slavery.'We are to 'overcome evil with good' it says in Romans

What are you doing today to help keep the ability to worship freely in
our country alive? What will happen next? Perhaps order sandblasting
of the monuments in Washington, D.C. that have scripture verses on
them, which is nearly all of them. This eradication of being able to
name the name of Jesus is subtle and sneaks up on us. The First
Amendment has to be followed for it to be effective and it was for the
purpose of protecting our right of worship from the state. Now it has
been twisted and misinterpreted to make we who name the name of Jesus
almost criminal.

You have a brand new year to do things differently. Get more involved
in finding out what is happening. Don't compromise what you believe in
and above all stand up for truth, righteousness and Jesus.

Psalm103:19(NIV) says 'The Lord has established His throne in heaven
and His kingdom rules over all.'

PRAYER: Lord I thank you for the freedom to read my Bible in public
and to bow my head in prayer in a public place. I thank you for the
Internet that helps to spread the word of God worldwide. Thank you for
being able to name the name of Jesus. Give me boldness to speak up
against anything that tries to take away that freedom. In Jesus' name.
Movie Suggestion: Last Ounce of Courage

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