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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Has something occurred in your life you can not seem to let go of and
it is driving a wedge of hurt or anger towards the offender? Maybe it
is a friend,a spouse, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a family member, or a
co worker? Perhaps you think they were heartless and cruel and you
deserve to feel the way you do, but does harboring this anger or ill
feeling towards someone get you anywhere? The answer is NO!

So what do you do about it when you feel left out, hurt, betrayed, or
forgotten? Do you "pick the scab" so to speak causing you to feel
anger and be offended even more or do you do what God would want and
turn the other cheek and let it go? Maybe you have already said
something to the person or someone else and wish you had not. It is
never too late to start again and mend your heart and the
relationship. Maybe the other person is not even aware that they hurt
or offended you. It is always a good time to try again.

Taking offense against others is not a God given thing. This is not a
trait you should want to possess. It is easy to become offended and
consequently bitter as a result, when focused on yourself. Give up
your right to be angry or hostile. God does not want His children to
be bickering and having bad feelings about each other. Especially
married couples need to learn their spouses "love language" and need
to be willing to say they messed up and ask forgiveness. If your
spouse is unaware he or she hurt you then just drop it and move on as
to not keep the offense alive. We are supposed to be God's children
and act like Christ. Harboring a bad attitude or a grudge has you
working on Satan's team,not God's! (Note:If it is something deeper in
a marriage perhaps counseling should be sought).

What do you do if you are caught up in this trap Satan likes to lay
for Christians? You know you cannot very well focus on your "love
walk" and getting closer to God if bad feelings exist. Ephesians
4:31(NIV) says to 'Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger,
brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.' Try to let go
and let God do a work in your heart and life and do not always try to
win your battles.

PRAYER: Lord I love you and I do not want to break your heart by
harboring bad feelings in my heart towards those who might have hurt
me in some way. Help me start this new year making an effort with your
help to be different regardless of a situation around me. In Jesus'
name. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for this entry. I needed to read it. I know you didn't know but God did. Happy New Year.