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Sunday, January 20, 2013


How many people reading this have ever built a home? When you do, you
realize how crucial a good firm foundation is to the entire home. If
you build on a sink hole your home may disappear. Shifting sand is not
a good foundation. It is not a good idea to build on an underground
cave either or your home may collapse. Building on a active fault line
probably is not wise either. Perhaps there may be an underground
spring which is also a good thing to avoid. Basically you want good
solid rock that will not shift.

Just as in building the foundation is vitally important, so also is
your foundation for life. Is Jesus the foundation you are rooted and
grounded upon? When we build upon things of the world they can not
sustain us through trials and turmoil which are sure to come in your
life. Only God provides the necessary "solid rock" for you to go
through life with.

Who do you listen to in life? Is God the foundation of your life or
just a passing thought or something you do on Sunday like a social

Matthew 7:24 (NIV) tells us'Therefore everyone who hears these words
of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his
house upon the rock.' This leads to the question. Are you wise or are
you a fool? Do you desire more of Christ in your life? Would you like
to make Him the center and not an afterthought?

Don't let the winds and storms of life knock you off your foundation.
Decide now in 2013 to let Him have first place in your life!

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for my life. Thank you Lord for all the
blessings in my life. I often go through my day and do not even stop
to "talk" to you or read the Bible.I want that to change. I purpose
Lord to reorder my day where you are first place. In Jesus' name.

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