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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today is God's day. This is HIS world. We have free will. We can choose to love God and follow Him or treat him like a business associate we visit for one hour one day a week. We can saturate our mind with negativity and spend 3 hours in front of the morning shows and news reports which totally do not bring peace. We can focus on good news or bad news. We can say "Oh whoa is me. We are doomed. This is it. Did not God hear my prayers" or we can choose to love God and serve Him with ALL of our hearts. Know brother and sister that Jesus is on the throne and He rules from on high. He is more powerful than presidents, kings and dictators. His will will be done in the earth.
2 Chronicles 16:9 says "The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war." He is looking and He is always there. But sometimes perhaps he allows some things to happen so we can learn to love him, trust him, obey him, and serve him. Hold on, keep praying, keep believing. Turn off the bad and tune in to God. Don't stop praying and don't lose heart. Philippians 4:19 says "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."
One of the things we who name the name of Christ need to do is to not rejoice over an evil person when he falls.("Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice." Proverbs 24:17) We are to pray and love EVEN when it is hard. We are in a battle for good and evil. Men's hearts are hardened towards things of the Lord. People live for today. But in this world there are many who love the Lord with all their heart. It is so very easy when the world around us is going 'down the toilet' ,so to speak, to join in and feel gloom, doom, and despair. Choose to get up daily regardless of what is happening around you and say "THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE AND I WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT"! (See Psalm 124:18).
When I work up this morning I just started singing one of the songs from the hit musical 'Annie'. The words "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love you tomorrow , it's only a day, away". True, not a Christian song, but it gave me peace and hope in a strange way. I just kept singing it over and over. My husband had the news on and I went over and I turned off the NBC news and turned on a Christian network to start getting my mind focused on good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord and never forget that. Perhaps it is time for His people who are social Sunday Christians to get more serious about Him than they are about their hobbies, their sports, their jobs. Something to think about? What does Jesus need to do to get us to totally be sold out to Him? Is He truly first place in your life? Or is he first place only on Sunday for one hour?
Jesus is coming again. Are you ready to meet him? Are you able to believe and trust Him? He is mighty to save. Perhaps now is the day to decide you will put his word ahead of the TV or the newspaper and get your mind renewed so you can get up and face each day with peace.
PRAYER: Father I am so very thankful for your word which gives me hope and peace. I have been guilty of thinking wrong thoughts and being upset with what is going on around me instead of trusting, even in the seemingly bad, you are behind the scenes with a plan. Help me to learn to pray for my enemies or the enemies of Christians. I know I need a peaceful heart Lord. Show me each day how to love others by loving you first. Help me bring hope to someone who is hurting. Help me never be guilty of uttering ugly words but only words that build up your kingdom. This is your day and I need not fret. In Jesus name. Amen.
Click on link and know that God is still king of the whole earth and behind the scenes working.
As a departure from my normal Christian songs I have also added a one minute clip of the song I spoke of from Annie.
Be blessed to be a blessing!

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  1. You have some good thoughts here.Thank you for sharing them.