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Monday, November 26, 2012


 'Oh gracious! Less than 30 shopping days til Christmas. Whatever will I do?' Is this the sentiment in your home these days frantically thinking of decorations, gifts, parties, food, and a host of other things? And this past Friday was a big shopping day called "Black Friday" and today is "Cyber Monday." Is shopping the only thing that consumes you this special season? Hopefully your response is no!

I think back fondly on family memories of going to live Nativity scenes with our children or Christmas programs complete with live animals in a church out in Phoenix. Then there was 'Walk Through Bethlehem' at another church out there which was very memorable. Singing Christmas carols at The VA Hospital in Dayton, Ohio with our Bible study group at Wright Patterson Air Force Base was very special. Driving to see Christmas light displays depicting the Real Christmas has been high on the "to do" list. Cutting down a live tree in zero degree weather followed by hot cider and cookies is also a fond memory. My younger son used to say getting out the "red and green M and M's" was the official start of the Christmas season.Even when children are grown and gone and when married starting their own traditions those reading this who are married still need to keep Jesus birthday first and foremost.

In the past few years Nativity Scenes have been outlawed by some local governments. The Christmas vacation is called the "holiday vacation" and you go to "holiday parties" instead of Christmas parties. Santa is glorified and put on a pedestal more than Jesus. Whose party is it anyway? Christmas is for giving, symbolic of the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to the newborn baby Jesus. But do not become so frantic and consumed by all the commercialism of the season. Maybe start the tradition of truly giving to a needy family since. Fill up that Salvation Army kettle every time you pass it. Give a toy to Toys for Tots.Fill up a Shoe Box for Samaritans Purse to give to a child in a Third World country.

Try to decide here and now you will not get so caught up in things you think you "have to do" and try to reflect on peace on earth good will to all men. It is hard to have peace rushing about trying to do everything just so. Do not let your frantic pace make you too busy for your morning time with the Lord. It is his birthday after all.

Isaiah 9:6 says 'For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given. And the government shall be on his shoulder. And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of peace.'

Today and each day of this season try to maintain peace and joy.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus I am excited about your birthday. I pray for those people who do not celebrate the meaning of this season. I pray for governments who try to take Christ out of their countries. Lord Jesus I choose peace this season and all times. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Click on link below for a song to get you in the mood for the "real" meaning of this season.

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