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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today we celebrate Mothers! Some of us, like yours truly, are blessed to still have a living mother. Moms are special and important first of all because of the obvious. They gave us life. Without that we would not be here. Mothers should be honored and respected each day of the year and not just wait till this special holiday to celebrate them.

The most special of all mothers mentioned in the Bible of course is Mary the mother of Jesus. Imagine back in her day being pregnant and unmarried and how the townspeople probably gossiped. Sure we know she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit but the people probably said "Yeah right Mary!" Even today some probably can tend to turn up their noses at those pregnant and unmarried but God can restore and redeem and it is a good thing that life is being carried and not aborted. Marriage of course is the way God intended for children to be raised with a mom and a dad but regardless, each child is a tremendous gift from God who has a special purpose.(See Psalm 139).

Mothers out there your role is a very special one. You get to 'raise leaders for the future' I used to say when someone maybe mocked me for staying home instead of 'using my degree'. My husband honored me with my own 'Stay Home Mom' business card so when asked what I did to stay busy or did I work I could give my card to them. He even wrote me a job description of all the duties I performed and the list was quite extensive and included such things as social coordinator, cook, laundress, business manager, physical trainer, etc. Men out there whose wives have chosen the honorable profession of being at home why not get your wife her own business card?

In addition several years later since I was a military veteran he got together with another of our military couple friends and had a 'mock awards' ceremony where he presented me with a homemade 'Legion of Service' award complete with 'military orders' .  It was so cool. Sometimes when we give up a second income and we choose to stay home and see career women out there who look like their lives are so much more fun,fulfilling, and glamorous, we made need a boost of esteem to keep us going.

Now I am not putting down career women here, as some are probably reading this right now, but I am saying for me this was the best decision I did and I  had the full support of my husband to be a total stay home mom for several years. That does not mean every thing turns out perfect but you are there for them instead of  a stranger. It is pretty important in my humble opinion.

 So take today to say thanks to your mom for all her sacrifices for you and all the things she did to get you where you are today. Some are not fortunate to have moms. Many are from broken homes, they maybe were unwanted and abused, or perhaps their mom is deceased, so if yours is around do something special for her. Another very sad scenario on this day are the moms who have had children die way too young and  I know several. My heart goes out to you and pray God will bring you comfort as only he can.

"Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the earth the Lord thy God has given you." ( Exodus 20:12).  If your mom has hurt you forgive her even if she is not around. You can not have true peace and fellowship with God until you do this.

PRAYER: Thank you for the gift of motherhood. Thank you for our mothers Lord. Comfort those who have never been able to have children and be with those who have lost children. Help we mothers of adults learn to let go and be quiet. Give wisdom to mothers of all ages.  In Jesus name. Amen.

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