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Sunday, December 4, 2011


As I was running on a favorite trail recently on nearby Redstone Arsenal I noted some pieces of outdoor exercise 'stations' were in need of some repair and it made me think of how important maintenance is to all parts of life. If you do not maintain your car by regular checkups and watching for warning lights to come on then your car may break down. If you do not exercise, eat right, and go for regular doctor visits then you are in danger of having a body that is useless ,tired, sick and sluggish.  In your home if you do not fix broken things, dust, do laundry and clean your house you may qualify for an episode of 'Hoarders'.

Similarly our spiritual life needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning and in tune. Many well meaning people who call themselves Christians forget this important aspect of saying they believe in Jesus. You can not expect to be a doctor if you just lay on top of your medical school books but you need diligent study to get you through a grueling course of study to earn and proudly wear the title of Medical Doctor.

 In your walk as a believer do you say you love Jesus but then hardly even crack open your Bible to get to know him? Be honest. You have to make this a spiritual discipline or spiritual maintenance of sorts. Just entering the door of church on Saturday or Sunday for one hour is not enough likewise is it enough to just drive around in your car and listen to your favorite Christian radio station. Although that is good for feeding your spirit it will not get you to know the Lord better. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15   "study to show thyself approved..".   Likewise we as believers are His ambassadors to non believers and  how can you be a good ambassador without study? If I were to work at the Tennessee or Alabama Welcome Center on nearby I-65 and a passing tourist asked me a question about the state and I did not know the answer, that would show I did not care to study and be a good ambassador for the state and I would represent them poorly. (See 2 Corinthians 5:20).

Does your spiritual life need a tune up? Maybe it is time to make it a priority to put God on your daily schedule just like you would put brushing your teeth or working out. Do not neglect Him. The way you get strong in the Lord and combat the attacks of the enemy is to regularly study and mediate on God's word. Is it time to get your spiritual life into the heavenly body shop?

 PRAYER: Lord I am tired of being a wimpy uniformed ho hum believer. I know the enemy will attempt to get me distracted and wants me to not read the a Bible, but help me stop making excuses and start regularly spending quality time with  you. Satan will try to put obstacles in my path. Help me recognize those and charge on to get to know you better. In Jesus name. Amen

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