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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tomorrow is Halloween also known as 'All Saints Day' or 'All Hallowed Eve'. This holiday is the second biggest money making holiday in the United States according to a story I heard on the news. The first is Christmas but unlike Christmas where we celebrate Jesus birth this holiday we celebrate evil and scaring people. Folks go all out on Halloween lighting, cobwebs on porches, brewing witches kettles in front yard, scarecrows and a host of other decor. Some is innocent in the fact it celebrates the harvest season yet some is sinister in that it depicts evil and scary scenes. Many churches have alternatives to Halloween in the form of 'harvest parties'. Our children did these when they were small. What can I say, mom wanted to plant 'good seeds' in their little brains. Why start on evil scary stuff before I had too. For older children and adults their are alternative to Halloween called Judgment Houses. I have been through a couple of these. They depict a scene where a person ususally loses their life who is not a believer and end with asking the attendee if they know where they will spend eternity.

Sure it is fun to maybe dress up in fun innocent outfits, minus the little Satan costumes, headless bloody creatures and things like that. So is this  a holiday Christians should embrace and celebrate or stay away from? We do not want to act self righteous and act like everything about it is horribly wrong but each person has to decide within their own heart.I mean there can be cool mystery parties or fun costume parties without the evil Satanic aspect.  I for one could not justify this celebration except for the fact I could have a birthday party since I was born on Halloween. Yes it is true. Myself and a cousin in Texas both share that date for a birthday. Trick or treat.

The candy part is fun for kids but not necessarily healthy but still only once a year. Several years ago mean people starting putting needles and glass in apples  and candy had to be scrutinized by parents or X rayed at the police station  before consumption. No longer did children go to strangers homes for their treats. Some Christian families use the opportunity to put a tract in a sack along with candy when they get a ring at their doorbell. A good way to witness, although when I did it one year many threw them down on my lawn.

The being scared part might be ok depending on what you choose to put in your mind to scare you. I prefer to be scared riding a roller coaster. This time of year movie theaters put out many horror, slasher flicks. Once again, do you go to these or stay away? Philippians 4:8 says " whatsoever things are true, noble, right, pure, and admirable and of good report think on these things" and does not say except on Halloween. Once again you decide and you have to be convicted within your own spirit. As for the movies,check the rating, check the content and do not aimlessly subject yourself to something is my gut reaction to  those. There used to be Alfred Hitchock films that were scary but not to the extent of the blood and gore of todays scary films. Once again pray and ask God to show you what to do. You have to be convicted on this one yourself.

It is said Satan worshippers like this holiday above all others to practice their Satan worship and calling up demonic spirits and casting spells. It is their high holy day so to speak. So what is a Christian to do. Does a Christian really have any business 'toying' with quija boards, seances and other seemingly fun, innocent practices? Sorry to take away your Halloween fun. But think about it.

"Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil, to take part in wicked deeds with men who are evildoers; let me not eat of their delicacies." Psalm 141:4.

PRAYER: Lord each  person has to be convicted themselves what they think about this holiday. Guide them into the truth of your word to make their decisions on whether to celebrate it or leave it alone. IN Jesus Name , amen.


  1. I appreciated this devotion. Thanks And Happy Birthday! Blessings in the years ahead. JoAnn

  2. Found out ALl Saints Day was Nov 1st. A couple folks corrected me.